Stories, Poems, Lyrics and Other Works

To Share With Friends and Classmates of Glendale High School  

Some Notes about this page:  It is a place for anyone interested in sharing some of themselves with their Classmates and Friends.  Things like grammar and writing style are of no interest but rather the underlining thought.  All subjects of good taste are welcomed by anyone who cares to participate and provide their original work.  

Larry Troxel '63







Robert McDowell '62

1944 - 2016

  Cow Creek Runs Through It

  Duty, Honor, Country



  All For Nothing

  Like The Sinewy Pinion



  Boot Camp

  Cooley's Drug Store



  Ward Troxel  

  Epitaphs On God's Green Acre



  Faith or Fact 

  Grandma's Apron   Heaven or Hell 
  I Was There   To My Boys 
  Hand Me Downs   Tragedy On the Navasota 
  Birds of a Feather   The USS Finch 
  My Pirate Log   When I was Young 
  Embrace   We Know Not What 
  Parody of Pigs

Lee Dixon '63

  Gloating     Celebrities In Uniform    

Stinkin' Thinkin' 


  Harry & Garry



How Long Is Patience   


  Three Brushes With Death



Man In The Park    Nick Hobbie
Rings Of Life    The Missing Postcard
Paperboy    Working for Jake
Day's Eulugy    Bosses
Chad    Cars
A Principal With A Promise    Flying In A Jet Fighter
  Gone and Almost Forgotten
  Homeless Caroling

  Patricia 'Jones' Pearson '63

1944 - 2010

  Patti's Card 1   Military Officer's Clubs
  Patti's Card 2   Night On The Mountain
  Patti's Card 3   Robert Burns Birthday
  Patti's Card 4   The Draft Board
  The Phantom Freight
  Vietnam First Impressions
      The Stallion    
  The Lottery and Beyond
      Beyond The Window    
      Dumpster Diving For Fun and Profit    
      The Phantom Passenger    
      The Photo Shop    
      The Rage Within    

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