Name Branch of Service Which War Comments
Art Abbot   World War II  
Derroll Adams US Coast Guard   Folk Musician;
Don Adams U.S. Marine Corp WWII Fought at Guadalcanal, afterwards caught blackwater fever, seeing no more action.
Nick Adams US Coast Guard 52-'54 Actor in Rebel Without A Cause, No Time For Sergeants, Pillow Talk, and TV show The Rebel
John Agar US Army Air Corps Between WWI and WWII Physical Training Instructor for 3 years
Brandon Alani US Coast Guard   Singer, songwriter; 
Eddie Albert U.S. Navy World War II Transportation, Drove Amtracks in several invasions, wounded at Tarawa, awarded Bronze Star
Alan Alda U.S. Army Reserve Was in Korea after Korean War Enlisted in Army Reserves and served 6-month tour of duty as a gunnery officer.  Actor, MASH
Everett Alvarez, Jr. USN Vietnam POW 8 1/2 yrs, Dep Director Peace Corps, Dep Admin. VA
Terry Anderson   Vietnam Hostage 2455 days and author of Den of Lions
Walter  Anderson   Vietnam Editor Parade magazine
Lewis Anderson USN World War II Started Band during WWII, was final Clarabell on Howdy Doody.
Tige Andrews U.S. Army World War II Parents from Syria, wounded in Sicily.  Captain Adam Greer on The Mod Squad TV show.
James Arness U.S. Army World War II Wounded at Anzio, Purple Heart recipient (Gunsmoke's Marshall Matt Dillon) and played alien in 1950 Sci-Fi movie The Thing From Another World
Glenn Ash USAF Early 1950's Radar Mechanic at 676th AC&W site Antigo, WI; had minor role in Mayberry RFD, Gomer Pyle; and Andy Griffith; played banjo & guitar
Gene Autry U.S. Army Air Corp World War II C-47 Pilot
Lew  Ayers US Army World War II Conscientious objector, assigned medic, served in combat unarmed; Starred in Johnny Belinda with Ronald Reagans first wife, Jane Wyman.
Martin Balsam U.S. Army Air Forces World War II Actor:  On The Waterfront, Breakfast at Tiffanys. 12 Angry Men, Psycho and many others
Bob Barker USN World War II F4U Pilot
Alan Bates Royal Air Force World War I British
Henry "Hank" Bauer U.S.M.C. World War II Joined after Pearl Harbor, saw action in several battles.  Baseball Hall of Fame as player and manager, including 9 World Series with Yankees
Stanley Kirk Burrell a.k.a. MC Hammer Navy 1980's  
Johnny Beazley U.S. Army World War II MLB St.Louis Cardinals
Tony Bennett U.S. Army World War II After basic training, Bennett was assigned to the 63rd Infantry Division (the "Blood and Fire" Division) where he served in France and Germany.  Got a chance to sing with military band and began singing career.
James Best  U.S. Army Air Corp World War II Actor, Sheriff on Dukes of Hazard TV Show; joined the Army shortly after World War II, in December, 1945.
Dan Blocker U.S. Army Korean Sergeant
Rocky Bleir U.S. Army Vietnam Played half-back for Pittsburg Steelers and won four Super Bowl rings.  Drafted, served with 196th Light Inf Bde, wounded and awarded Purple Heart and Bronze Star, returned to continue playing with Steelers until he retired in 1980 with 3,865 rushing yards and 25 TDs.
Humphrey Bogart U.S. Navy World War I Wounded in Action.  Actor.  Turned down as too old for WWII.
Sorrell Booke U.S. Army Korean War Counter-Intelligence Officer; Boss Hogg on Dukes of Hazard & Symphony Conductor.
Richard Boone  U.S. Navy World War II TBF Flight Crewman. Used GI Bill to study acting, Have Gun Will Travel, Medic & others.
Ernest Borgnine U.S. Navy World War II Served 12 years in the Navy
Pat Brady U.S. Army World War II Roy Rogers 'sidekick', member of Sons of The Pioneers; Wounded in Action; served as tank crewman in the 4th Armored Division, a unit of Gen. George S. Patton's Third Army
Neville Brand U. S. Army World War II Joined in '39; 4th most decorated GI
Walter Brennan U.S. Army World War 1 Actor, 1st to win 3 Academy Awards; Enlisted, served as private in 101st Field Artillery in France
Beau Bridges US Coast Guard   Actor, son of Lloyd Bridges
Lloyd Bridges US Coast Guard   Actor, father of Jeff & Beau Bridges; 
Wilford Brimley USMC During 1953-1956 Served 3 years in the Aleutians and was E-4 when he got out.  Was in Absence of Malice, Cocoon, and others and in commercials for Liberty Mutual (Diabetic Supplies), also was Howard Hughes bodyguard.
Charles Bronson U.S. Army Air Corps World War II Suppose to be nose gunner on B-29 but spent most of his time as admin-type working in squadron orderly room.  Suppose to go to Pacific but war ended and he never left Wendover AAF, UT
Melvin 'Mel' Brooks 'Kaminsky' U.S. Army  World War II Actor: Blazing Saddles, The Producer, etc. Enlisted, was corporal in the U.S. Army. Graduate of the Virginia Military Institute served in World War II, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and on occasion, defused landmines
Dr. Bobby Brown   Korean War  
William Broyles, Jr.  USMC Vietnam Fighter Pilot, Author China Beach TV series, Apollo 13, Cast Away and Planet of the Apes movies
Paul 'Bear' Bryant US Navy World War II Joined after Pearl Harbor, served in North Africa but saw no combat, was Lieutenant Commander when discharged.  Football coach mostly at Univ. Alabama.
Art Buchwald U.S.M.C. World War II Too young for USMC so bribed a drunk with half pint of whiskey to sign as guardian. '42 - '45 with 4th Marine Air Wing with two years in Pacific theater.  Author & Columnist
Robert Burton   World War 1  
Richard Burton Royal Navy World War II  
George H. W.  Bush     At one time, the youngest pilot in the USN. Flew Avenger torpedo bombers. Shot down 2 Sept 1944 in So. Pacific off Kiki Jima and rescued by submarine.  41st US President
Red Buttons U.S. Army Air Corps World War II Comedian. Drafted, in 1943 appeared in the Army Air Forces Broadway show Winged Victory.
Gerald  Byrne USMC Vietnam Publisher Variety Magazine
Bruce Cabot U.S. Army WWII Intell in Africa,Sicily&Italy
Dr. Robert Cade U.S. Navy   Invented Gatorade while working with Univ of Florida Football team
Sid Caesar US Coast Guard   Comedian; 
Michael Caine Royal Fusiliers World War II British
Roy Campanella U.S. Army Korean Conflict era Stationed ar Fort Sam Houston, TX; NYY Baseball catcher
Frank Capra US Army Air Corps World War II First Motion Picture Unit (FMPU) Colonel
Drew Carey U.S. Marines No War Reserves
George Carlin USAF No War Worked in RADAR in US.  Comedian
Lou  Carnesecca US Coast Guard   basketball coach, St. John's University; 
Art Carney U.S. Army World War II Machine Gunner, Wounded at Normandy Jackie Gleason Show “Norton”
Johnny Cash U.S. Air Force Korean War C&W Singer and Actor; Believe he was trained as an intercept radio operator in the USAF Security Service and served in Germany.
Gower Champion USCG World War II Actor, dancer, choreographer.  Won 8 Tony Awards
Jeff Chandler U.S. Army World War II Actor, Starred in many movies. Played Cochise in 3 different movies.  Became Officer in Cavalry month before Pearl Harbor.  Served mostly in Aleutian Islands.
Julia Child  OSS World War II (Office of Strategic Services) in Ceylon and China during WWII
Robert Clary 1942-1945 World War II German Concentration Camp, family didn't survive
Lee J. Cobb US Army Air Corps World War II Actor:  First Motion Picture Unit (FMPU) Cpt making military movies.  Threatened by Congress during Red Scare gave 20 names of possible communist in movie industry so he could continue acting.
William 'Bill' Cobb USAF Radar Repairman Post WWII Black Character Actor
Howard Coble US Coast Guard   U.S. Congressman, North Carolina; 
James Coburn U.S. Army World War II Radio Operator
Jerry  Coleman U.S.M.C. WWII & Korea Sports Broadcaster (SD Padres 28 Years, MVP, NY Yankee 2nd Baseman; USMC Aviator (57 Combat Missions in WWII & 63 in Korea)
Sean Connery Royal Navy World War II  007 James Bond
William Conrad USN World War II F4U Pilot then producer-director of the Armed Forces Radio Service left as Captain.  Actor: Many westerns and TV series Jake and the Fat Man.
Jackie Coogan U.S. Army Air Corp World War II Glider Pilot, CBI theater
Chuck Conners US Army   Star of Rifleman fame. He spent most of the war as a tank-warfare instructor, stationed at Camp (Fort) Campbell, KY, and later at West Point, NY.
Bill Cobbs USAF Late '50s & early '60's African American stationed at Havre AFS, MT and appeared in movie "Bodyguard"
Chris Cooper US Coast Guard   Actor;
Jackie Cooper USN World War II  
Barry Corbin USMC   Northern Exposure, From here to the moon
Bill Cosby U.S. Navy 1956 Corpsman on ship, Quantico, VA and Bethesda Naval Hospital.  Honorably discharged after 4 years in 1960.
Billy Cox U.S. Army World War II MLB 3rd Baseman with Brooklyn Dodgers; Signal Corps
Broderick Crawford US Army Air Corps World War II Served as announcer for Glen Miller Band in Service Unit, tough guy actor in 100 films and Highway Patrol
Frank  Crespi   World War II MLB 2nd Baseman St. Louis
Richard Cromwell US Coast Guard   Actor;
Walter Cronkite US Coast Guard   Newscaster;
Robert Cummings US Army Air Corps World War II Served as officer in Air Force Reserves after WWII
Tony Curtis U.S. Navy World War II Joined at age 17
James Daly   World War II Served a hitch in both Navy & Army
Vic Damone US Army During Korean War Era Born Vito Rocco Farinola discovered on Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts in Apr '47 and made several popular songs before going in Army and many others after he got out.
Sabu Dastagir (East Indian Film Star) U.S. Army Air Corp World War II Became American citizen and served 40 missions as a ball turret gunner in B-24 Liberators
Ossie Davis U.S. Army World War II Medical Corp
Jimmy Davis USCG    
Jimmy Dean USAF Late 1940's CW singer and radio operator in USAF
William D.  Delahunt US Coast Guard   U.S. Congressman, Massachusetts
John Delorean Military World War II Served State-side briefly 
Jack Dempsey US Coast Guard   Professional Boxer;
Brian Dennehy USMC Okinawa Claimed concussion and shrapnel wounds from five year tour including during Playboy intervew, not a Vietnam Vet and finally admitted it after many years when confronted
John Derek U.S. Army WWII Paratrooper
James Dickey USAF   Writer & Actor of Deliverance"
Marlene Dietrich Civilian World War II Entertained troops, made Anti-Nazi broadcasts in German
Joe DiMaggio US Army Air Corps World War II MLB  New York Yankees 3 time MVP, Hall of Fame; Married to Marilyn Monroe; Sergeant, PT instructor.
James Doohan Joined Royal Canandian Artillery World War II Canadian born actor. Commissioned as a Lieutenant in 13th Field Regiment.  Landed at Juno on D-Day. Wounded (shot six times), lost a finger. Later became an artillery spotter pilot. Played "Scotty" on Star Trek
Melvin Douglas   World War 1  
Kirk Douglas U.S. Navy World War II Enlisted  in 1941
Mike Douglas U.S. Navy World War II Actor & Talk Show Host
Patrick Duffy   Vietnam Actor Dallas Fame
Charles Durning U.S. Army World War II Wounded in Action 3 times, was at Normandy on D-Day and was also at the Malmedy Massacre; awarded Silver Star.  Hollywood and TV Star. Nominated for Academy Award for Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and To Be Or Not To Be 
Fred Durst U.S. Navy Peacetime Served 18 months before medical discharged after skateboarding accident.  Lead Singer Rock Band Limp Bizkit
Robert Duvall U.S. Army 53-'54 Was PFC when discharged, Dad was USN Admiral.  Actor Godfather, To Kill a Mockingbird & movie MASH
Dale Dy      
Thomas Eagleton U.S. Navy 1948-1949 Senator, George McGovern's VP choice until revealed he'd received shock therapy for depression.  Enlisted for two years.
Clint Eastwood U.S. Army 1948-1950 Swimming Instructor
Buddy Ebsen US Coast Guard   Actor, Comedian, Dancer; ('08-'03);
Blake Edwards US Coast Guard   Writer, Director, Producer; 
Edwin D. Eshleman US Coast Guard   (1920-1985), former U.S. Congressman, Pennsylvania
Maurice Evans   World War II Entertainment Unit
Robert Evel' Knievel U.S. Army 1957 Discharged after 6 months as Private.
Don Everly USMC Early 1960's Part of Everly Brothers, wrote & sang many #1 hits including Wake Up Little Susie, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Bye Bye Love and others.  Joined USMC Together in '61 and served until '62.
Phil Everly USMC Early 1960's Part of Everly Brothers, wrote & sang many #1 hits including Wake Up Little Susie, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Bye Bye Love and others.  Joined USMC Together in '61 and served until '62.
R. Lee Ermey USMC   Actor best known for "Full Metal Jacket"
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. U.S. Navy World War II Captain/Silver Star, British Distinguished Service Cross, French Legion of Honor
Peter Falk Merchant Marine World War II Actor that played "Columbo"
Arthur Fiedler US Coast Guard   Conductor:
Dow Finsterwald USAF Early 1950's Radar (Weapons) Controller at Tyndall AFB (Controller School); Became a Golf Professional after time in USAF.
Eric Fleming Merchant Marines & US Navy World War II Played Gil Favor on Rawhide.  First Merchant Marines and then served in Pacific.  Master Carpenter in SeaBees
Henry Fonda U.S. Navy World War II Bronze Star for Valor, Actor as Mr. Roberts and other roles
Arthur A. Fontaine US Coast Guard   captain, college sailing national champion, ISCA Hall of Fame
Malcolm Forbes U.S. Army Drafted for WWII In heavy machine gun section in the 334th Infantry, 84th Infantry Division. He served in France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany.  Billionaire/Publisher Forbes Magazine
Glenn Ford U.S. Navy World War II Reserve status Korea & Vietnam
Whitey Ford U.S Army During Korean War Pitcher “Chairman of the Board” for NY Yankees. In 1951 and 1952 he served in the Army during the Korean War
Steve Forrest   World War II Radio Operator
Bill France U.S. Navy 1950's  Served 2 years and was discharged.  Pioneer with NASCAR auto racing.
Dennis Franz US Army Vietnam 101st & 82nd Airborne including Scout Oberver & Rifleman 11 months in Vietnam, NYPD Blue star
Arthur Franz US Army Air Froces World War II Franz served as a B-24 Liberator navigator in the United States Army Air Forces. He was shot down over Romania and incarcerated in a POW camp, from which he escaped.
Morgan Freeman USAF 1955-1959 Actor film & Broadway.  Shawshank Redemption, Driving Miss Daisy, etc. Was Mechanic in USAF
David Frizzell USAF 1960's Served In USAF in the radar career field and stationed at the 777th AC&W in 1964.  C&W singer with hits including You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma & I'm Going To Hire a Wino.  Was singing at a club 1/2 block off the harbor in Crescent City, CA when the Tidal Wave from the Good Friday Alaskan Earthquake hit. Brother of Lefty Frizzell
Clark Gable   World War II Volunteered at the age of 41 and made five B-17 combat missions. Hitler put out a reward for his capture. 
James Garner U.S. Army  Korean War 1st Draftee from OK, Wounded in Action
Charles Gibson US Coast Guard   Newscaster;
George Gobel U.S. Army Air Forces World War II Comedian. Served as a pilot instructor. He  began doing standup for his fellow servicemen and took to the nightclub, hotel and county fair circuit in subsequent years
Arthur  Godfrey US Navy & US Coast Guard   Early TV and radio music star; radio operator in USN '20-'24; US Coast Guard '27-'30; with Franklin Roosevelt help was commissioned in the US Naval Reserve during WWII
Alberto Gonzales USAF 1970's Attorney General of US under George W. Bush and served at a remote Radar site in Fort Yukon, AK
Al Gore Army Vietnam War VP, enlisted in 1969 and served with Engineering unit near Bien Hoa
Frank Gorshin U.S. Army World War II Actor & Comedian, Film, TV and Broadway: Riddler on Batman TV, . In 1953
Donald Graham US Army Vietnam Drafted, Information specialist with 1st Cavalry Div, Publisher/owner Washington Post
Otto Graham US Coast Guard   Professional Football Player and Coach;
Peter Graves (Aurness) U.S. Army Air Corp World War II Actor Mission Impossible. Air Crewman 2 years.
Shecky Green U.S. Navy World War II Comedian
Winston Groom US Army Vietnam Author Forrest Gump and writer for Washington Star newspaper until 1976
Gene Hackman U.S. Marines  

Actor Hoosiers, Poseidon Adventure, Unforgiven, Behind Enemy Lines and much more. At 16, Hackman left home to join the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served four-and-a-half years as a field radio operator.

Alan Hale  U.S. Coast Guard World War II Skipper on Gilligan's Island
Alex Haley US Coast Guard   Author of Roots and Coast Guard Chief Journalist;
Glen D. Hardin US Navy Late 1950's Band member, playing Piano, of Buddy Holly's Crickets and Elvis Presley's Band Taking Care of Business  
Johnny Hart U.S.A.F.  Korean War Enlisted and while in Korea first drew for Stars & Stripes.  Cartoonist, BC & Wizard of Id
Jack Hawkins British World War II Royal Welsh Fusiliers, mostly entertainment
Sterling Hayden U.S. Marine Corp World War II Served in OSS working with Tito and Yugoslav partisans
David Hedison U.S. Navy After World War II

Actor Captain Lee Crane of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Felix Leiter of two Bond films. Hedison trained for 14n weeks in Sampson, NY, then stationed in Jacksonville, FL. Finished up his military career mothballing cruisers and destroyers at Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Van Heflin   World War II Combat Photographer
Jimi Hendrix U.S. Army 1960's Joined in 1961 to avoid jail, served with 101st Airborne, broke his ankle on 26th and final parachute jump, his CO and fellow soldiers considered him sub-par for sleeping on duty and other actions and was separated after one year.  Rock Singer
Audrey Hepburn OSS World War II As child was courier for resistance in Holland
Don "Mr. Wizard" Herbert U.S. Army Air Corps World War II Enlisted as private became B-24 bomber pilot who flew 56 missions with the Fifteenth Air Force and participated in the invasion of Italy. Discharged as Captain.  Teacher & Science TV Show.
Whitey Herzog   Korean War MLB Player & Manager
Charlton Heston U.S. Army Corps World War II Moses, Ben Hur, El Cid, Planet of the Apes & Spokesman for NRA. 
Ralph Heywood U.S.M.C. WWII, Korean & Vietnam War Only NFL player to serve in 3 wars. In USMC for 32 years. All American at USC.
Benny Hill British Army World War II Driver/Mechanic and Search Light Operator
Weldon Hill US Coast Guard   Pseudonym of William R. Scott, Author of Novel Onionhead, based on his World War II Coast Guard service
Don Ho U.S.A.F.  1950's  1954 - 1959 flew fighters in TX and HI.  Had to quit because of mother's illness and began singing at her club…sang Tiny Bubbles
William Holden U.S. Army Air Force World War II Made training films
Tim Holt US Army Air Corps World War II Wounded over Tokyo last day of war, awarded DFC and Purple Heart, B-Western Star
Anthony Hopkins British   British
William Hopper US Coast Guard   Actor:
Tab Hunter US Coast Guard   Actor;
Chuck Jackson USAF The 1950's Sang Second Tenor as Part of singing group Del Vikings created at Pittsburg AFB, they won a singing contest in AF and went on to sing Doo Wop including Come Go with Me and Whispering Bells
Babe Doll Jacobson   World War I MLB Center Fielder for St Louis Browns.  Served one year.
Rick Jason U.S. Army Air Corp World War II Actor Film and TV: Lieutenant Wore Skirts, The Wayward Bus, Fountain of Youth and LT in TV series Combat! Served 43-45.
Corinthian "Kripp" Johnson USAF The 1950's Sang First Tenor as Part of singing group Del Vikings created at Pittsburg AFB, they won a singing contest in AF and went on to sing Doo Wop including Come Go with Me and Whispering Bells
Havey E.  Johnson, Jr US Coast Guard   Vice Admiral, Deputy Director FEMA;
James Earl Jones US Army   The Voice
Duke Paoa Kahanamoku US Coast Guard   Athlete, Actor;
Bob Keeshan U.S. Marine Corp World War II  Played Captain Kangaroo for 30 yrs, Enlisted 2 weeks before War End
Harvey Keitel U.S. Marine Corp  

Actor: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Taxi Driver &Thelma Louise and more. At the age of 16, joined the USMC, a decision that took him to Lebanon.

Brian Keith U.S. Marine Corp World War II Aerial Gunner in Pacific including Rabal
Bob Kennedy   Korean War MLB 3rd Baseman & outfielder with White Sox & Indians; In service for 3 years in late '40's.
George Kennedy US Army   Served 16 years in Army before becoming a Movie Star
Werner Klemperer U.S. Army World War II Hogans Hero’s, Colonel Klink
Steve Knight US Coast Guard   Vocalist for Flipsyde;
Don Knotts U.S. Army World War II “Barnie Fife”, Entertained troops as member of Special Services Unit
Jack Kramer US Coast Guard   Tennis Professional;
Kris Kristofferson U.S. Army Vietnam Actor, singer; Helicopter Pilot & Paratrooper Viet Nam, and father a USAF Maj Gen.
Steve Kroft US Army Vietnam Sergeant 25th ID, Editor 60 Minutes
Nancy Kulp US Navy WAVE World War II Lieutenant specialized in electronics.  Bankers Secterary on Beverly Hillbillies
Bert Lancaster U.S. Army World War II Army Athletic Instructor
Tom Landry Army Air Corps World War II Flew B-17's in Europe; Dallas Cowboys Coach
Don Larsen U.S. Army Korean War MLB St. Louis Browns and NY Yankees; Pitched perfect game in World Series; Played baseball in Hawaii for two years.
Jacob Lawrence US Coast Guard   Artist;
Paul Le Mat    Viet Nam

Actor (John Milner) American Graffiti, Melvin & Howard. + Vietnam War veteran awarded the National Defense Medal and Vietnam Service Medal, and won the George Washington Honor Medal, from the Freedom Foundation Spent six months in the Philippines in addition to a Tour of Duty in Vietnam

Charles Lindbergh Civilian World War II Although not officially in the military, flew 35 combat missions in the South Pacific, mostly in P-38s, with the 475th Fighter Group; First aviator to cross Atlantic non-stop, had baby kidnapped.
Jack Lemmon U.S. Navy Reserve 1945-1946  
Patrick MacNee British Royal Navy World War II British
Gordon MacRae     Navigator
  MAKO US Army   Great Asian Character actor
Rocky Marciano U.S. Army Drafted for WWII Assigned to the 150th Combat Engineers, stationed in Wales where he was involved in operations on the English Channel, in service learned to box.  As boxer 49 wins, no losses.
Tracy Lauren Marrow a.k.a. Ice-T  Army 79-83 Actor and Author: Law and Order
Dean Paul "Dino" Martin CA Air National Guard 1987 Song of Singer & Actor Dean Martin, a a fighter pilot, Dino was flying his F-4 Phantom out of March AFB in Riverside, CA when he crashed and was killed in the San Bernardino Mnts.
Strother Martin U.S. Navy World War II Swimming Instructor
Lee Marvin U.S Marines World War II Wounded in the Battle of Saipan/Purple Heart recipient
Jerry Mathers Air National Guard Late 1960's Played Beaver Cleaver in Leave It To Beaver; served in ANG during Vietnam War but never left the States
Walter Matthau U.S. Army Air Corp World War II Radio Operator
Victor Mature US Coast Guard   Actor;
Willie Mays U.S. Army Korean War Era MLB Hall of Fame Outfielder & Hitter.  Drafted 52, discharged 54.
Cormac McCarthy USAF 1953-1957 Author No Country For Old Men, All the Pretty Horses & much more.  While in AF spent 2 years in Alaska on radio
Tim McCoy   World War I World War II Cowboy star served in both World War 1 & World War 2
Bill McKinney US Navy   Great Character Actor
Ed McMahon USMC World War II Instructor teaching carrier landings & Test Pilot, after war joined Marine Reserves, recalled and flew 85 combat missions in Korea, retired as full Colonel.  Side kick to Johnny Carson. 
Steve McQueen U.S. Marines World War II Jarhead
Burgess Meredith U.S. Army Air Corp World War II “Rocky’s Manager
Jan Merlin U.S. Navy World War II Roger Manning “Space Cadet”
Gary Merrill U.S. Army World War II  
Gordon Merrill Scott (Born Werschkul) U.S. Army   Attended One Term at Univ. of Oregon as Phys Ed Major. Infantry drill instructor (rifle, pistol and bayonet; judo and hand-to-hand combat; close order drill), then a military policeman. Honorable discharge 1947, Star of 5 Tarzan Movies.
Ray Milland U.S. Army Air Corps World War II

Actor Broadway, TV and Film: Academy Award The Lost Weekend, parts on Death Valley Days and Hart to Hart. When the Second World War began, Milland tried to enlist in the U.S. Army Air Forces, but was rejected because of an impaired left hand. He worked as a civilian flight instructor for the Army, and toured with a United Service Organization (USO) South Pacific troupe in 1944

Dick Miller US Navy   Character Actor
Glenn Miller U.S. Army Air Corp World War II Army Air Corp Band Leader
Roger Miller U.S. Army   Judge gave him choice between Army or jail.  C&W Singer, King of the Road and novelty songs.
Victor Milner USAF Peacetime
He was career officer (Colonel) in USAF; His father was a pioneer in the film industry, and his son was the actor, Martin Milner of Route 66 fame. He also took over a company which produced those huge movie cameras, that made lots of the Hollywood movies over the years.
Cameron Mitchell U.S. Army Air Corp World War II Bombardier
Robert Mitchum U.S. Army World War II Actor and singer: Thunder Road, Ryan’s Daughter, Midway, and TV miniseries Winds of War and many others.  After making The Story of GI Joe (Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor) in 1945, he was drafted into the U.S. Army, serving at Fort MacArthur, CA
Bill Monroe USAF WWII & Korea Was Air Defense Command radar controller and brother to Vaughn Monroe whose signature song was Racing with The Moon
Robert Montgomery U.S. Navy Reserve World War II Served as Naval Attache on British destroyers hunting U-Boats.  Won an Oscar before WWII.  Started in films in 1929. 
Alvy Moore USMC   Character Actor Mr. Kimbell of Green Acres
Terry Moore U.S. Army World War II MLB Hall of Famer, St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder
Wayne Morris US Navy World War II A Navy Ace that downed 7 planes which flying off the Essex; Hollywood Actor from 1936- 1961 starred in 81 movies.
Vic Morrow US Navy   Actor of "Combat", killed on set. At age 17, quit high school and joined the Navy
Douglas Munro US Coast Guard   Only Coast Guardsman to be Awarded the Medal of Honor
Frank Murkowski US Coast Guard   Former Governor and Former U.S. Senator, Alaska
Audie Murphy U.S. Army World War II Wounded in Action, Most decorated soldier ever, Won the Medal of Honor
Leslie Neilsen Canadian Air Force World War II

Actor; Airplane, Naked Gun series, Poseidon Adventure and others (over 100 films). Nielsen enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force and was trained as an aerial gunner during the latter part of World War II (but was too young to be fully trained and sent overseas).

Willie Nelson U.S. Air Force Korean Enlisted 1950, Medical Discharged few months later
Don Newcomb U.S. Army Korean War Era MLB Brooklyn Dodgers Pitcher; Served 1952 & 1953.
Bob Newhart US Navy   Master of the dead-pan
Paul Newman U.S. Navy World War II Radio Operator leaving USN in 1946; Actor and Director, starred in Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid, The Verdict and many others. Gave millions of $ to charity with line of salad dressing.
Thomas "Tommy" Newsom U.S. Air Force Served late '40's, early '50's. Played in AF Band (Airmen of Note).  Played Sax on Johnny Carson 'Tonight' Show, beginning in 1962.
David Niven British Army World War II Attended Sandhurst Royal Military College, British Army including 2 years in Malta and 2 in Dover with Highland Light Infantry; Actor with Numerous movies in 1930's and after WWII into the 60's and early 70's.
Chuck Norris   Vietnam Military Policeman
Charles Norwood U.S. Army  Vietnam War Captain in Dental & Medical Corps 67-69 with Combat Tour in RVN.  Elected to House of Representatives from GA in 1995.
Sam Nunn US Coast Guard   Former U.S. Senator, Georgia
Carroll O’Connor Merchant Marines World War II North Atlantic, Med, & Carribean
Hugh O'Brien U.S.M.C. World War II Enlisted, youngest drill sgt in Marine history, volunteered for combat, Wyatt Earp
Jack Palance U.S. Army Air Corp World War II B-17 Pilot (455th BG) Wounded in Action, Purple Heart recipient
Arnold Palmer US Coast Guard   Professional Golfer;
ed Parker US Coast Guard   Martial Artist;
Colonel Tom Parker US Army 1930
Born Andreas Cornelis ("Dries") van Kuijk in Netherlands and then illegal immigrant to U.S. and joined Army served in Hawaii.  Had commander who's name was Tom Parker and took that as his after discharge.  Worked with Hank Snow, Minnie Pearl and others before Managing Elvis Presley for many years.
Bert Parks U.S. Army World War II Enlisted as private'42, China Recce missions, discharged as Capt in 1946, Silver Star
Samuel Paterson USAF The 1950's Sang Baritone as Part of singing group Del Vikings created at Pittsburg AFB, they won a singing contest in AF and went on to sing Doo Wop including Come Go with Me and Whispering Bells
Dick Peabody U.S. Navy World War II  
Sam Peckinpah U.S.M.C. World War II Was disappointed he did not see combat.  Director of Wild Bunch and several other famous Westerns
Claiborne Pell US Coast Guard   Former U.S. Senator, Rhode Island
George Peppard USMC After WWII Acting Sergeant in Artillery unit, star of A-Team and many movie.
Bobby "Boris" Pickett Army Late 50's Discharged in 1961.  Sang Monster Mash
Donald Pleasance British RAF World War II Played Ernst Blofeld in James Bond film & also Halloween movie; shot down 31 Aug 1944 and became POW.
Sidney Poitier U.S. Army WWII Enlisted '43, medical corps for 1 year
Hollie Pollet U.S. Army World War II MLB Pitcher St. Louis Cardinals with 8-4 record when entered Service
Tom Poston U.S. Army Air Corps World War II Enlisted as private, went to OCS, became pilot in Europe Theater, Dropped Troops at Normandy Invasion, served in North Africa, Italy, France & England.  Discharged as Captain after War.  Comedian on Bob Newhart Show & many other Sitcoms.
Lee "Lone Ranger" Powell USMC World War II Fought Throughout Pacific Theater
Tyrone Power U.S. Marine Corp World War II Marine Pilot in South Pacific flying supplies into, and wounded Marines out of, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.
Elvis Presley U.S. Army No War Served in Germany/Tank Unit
Robert Preston U.S. Army Air Corps World War II Enlisted '42, Capt in MI
Charlie Pride U.S. Army Late '40s Drafted and served two years.  C&W Singer.
Richard Pryor U.S. Army 1958-1960 Comedian; He spent virtually that entire stint in an army prison because ofan incident that occurred while stationed in Germany, where he and others beat and stabbed a white man for comments made about the movie Imitation of Life
Anthony Quaile British Army World War II Royal Artillery
Clarence E. Quick USAF The 1950's Sang Bass as Part of singing group Del Vikings created at Pittsburg AFB, they won a singing contest in AF and went on to sing Doo Wop including Come Go with Me and Whispering Bells
Jon Douglas Rainey US Coast Guard   Co-host of the Discovery Channel Reality Series It Takes a Thief
Tony Randall U.S. Army WWII Enlisted '42, 1st LT Signal Corps
Aldo Ray U.S. Army World War II  
Gene Raymond     Served in both World War 2 & VietNam
Ronald Reagan U.S. Army Air Corps World War II Before WWII was Cavalry Officer in NE NG, Lost hearing and couldn't fly so made training films for the Army Air Corp as Captain.
Jerry  Reed US Army 59-'61 Sang When You're Hot, You're Hot", East Bound and Down and other C&W songs;  appeared in a number of movies including Smoky and the Bandit
Carl Reiner U.S. Army World War II Radio Operator in Pacific, but before action was converted to Entertainment unit.
Michael Rennie RAF Volunteer Reserve World War II
Actor appeared in The Day the Earth Stood Still, trained as a fighter pilot in the U.S. during WW2. He spent two years as a flight instructor
Charlie Rich USAF Mid 1950's Sang Behind Closed Doors and other songs; left AF in 1955
Don Rickles U.S. Navy World War II  
Jason Robard, Jr. U.S. Navy World War II as a flight instructor
Pernell Roberts USMC   Adam on "Bonanza"

After WWII attended, but did not graduate from, Georgia Tech then served for two years in the USMC

Bernard Robertson USAF The 1950's Sang Baritone as Part of singing group Del Vikings created at Pittsburg AFB, they won a singing contest in AF and went on to sing Doo Wop including Come Go with Me and Whispering Bells
Marty Robins U.S. Navy World War II Enlisted at 17, LCT Cowswain during Solomon Islands.  Western Singer, race car driver.
Edward G. Robinson U.S. Navy WWI Enlisted 1918 worked in Intel short time before war ended.
Cesar Romero U.S. Coast Guard World War II Actor;
Andy Rooney U.S. Army World War II U.S. Army & War Correspondent
Mickey Rooney US Army World War II PFC, served 15 months entertaining troops
Dan Rowan U.S. Army Air Corps World War II OTS and flight school, 2Lt, flew P-40 in Pacific
Harold Russell U.S. Army World War II Joined day after Pearl Harbor, lost both hands to an explosion.  For performance in Best Years of Our Lives won best supporting Actor and also honorary Oscar for bringing hope and courage to fellow Vets.
John  Russell USMC World War II In 1942, he enlisted in the Marine Corps where he received a battlefield commission and was wounded and highly decorated for valor at Guadalcanal.
Robert Ryan U.S.M.C. World War II was a U. S. Marine who served with the O. S. S. in Yugoslavia. 
Pat Sajak US Army Vietnam Disc Jocky In Saigon
Soupy Sales U.S. Navy World War II Enlisted, served on USS Randall, present for invasion on Okinawa
Albert Salmi U.S. Army World War II

Actor:  had roles on The Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, Combat!, Bonanza, The Legend of Jesse James, Custer and The Eleventh Hour.  After high school joined Army following WWII.

Jerry  Scheff US Navy Early 1960's Band member, playing Bass, of The Association, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Elvis Presley's Taking Care of Business
Charles Schultz U.S. Army World War II “Peanuts Cartoon” Machine Gun Squad
George C. Scott U.S. Marines World War II 1945 to 1949
Rod Serling U.S. Army World War II “Twilight Zone” Paratrooper
Del Shannon US Army 1950's  Drafted into Army in 1954, while in Germany played in a group called Cool Flames.  Rock & Roll singer that sang Runaway and Hats Off To Larry.
Sydney Sheldon U.S. Army Air Corps World War II Pilot, Author, Screenwriter, created I Dream of Jeanie & Patty Duke Show
Curt Simmons U.S. Army Korean War MLB Pitcher Phillies &n St. Louis Cardinals late '40's and '50's after return from 2 Yr Service.
Sinbad Sinbad USAF   Comedian; Discharged from USAF early because of behaviorial problems
Red Skelton U.S. Army World War II Drafted March 1944 after wife divorced him in '44; entertained on troop ship in Med
Arnold Spielberg US Army Air Corps World War II Steven Spielberg's father.  Was MSgt and NCOIC of squadron radio shop in Burma.
Robert Stack U.S. Navy World War II Olympic Champ Skeet Shooter
Roger Staubach USN Vietnam Supply Officer in Vietnam, Dallas Cowboy Quarterback and Super Bowl Winner twice.
Rod Steiger U.S. Navy World War II Joined age 16 Torpedoman
Jimmy Stewart U.S. Army Air Corp World War II B-17, B-24, B-47 & B-52 Pilot
Lewis Stone   Spanish American World War I World War II  Served in Spanish American War, World War 1 & World War 2
George  Strait US Army 71-74 Assigned to 25th ID at Fort Shafter, HI as a personnel records specialist; Country Singer
Dorothy Constance Stratton US Coast Guard   First Director of SPARS (USCG Women's Reserve during WW II; National executive director of the Girl Scouts
Wes Studi US Army   Indian Actor
Gene Taylor US Coast Guard   U.S. Congressman, Mississippi;
Robert Taylor U.S. Navy World War II 1Lt Flight Instructor
Dave Thomas U.S. Army 1950's  Enlisted to avoil draft during Korean War.  Assigned Cook and Bakers School at Ft. Benning, GA and then Germany as mess sergeant, discharged as Staff Sergeant in 1953, Founder Wendy's Food Chain.
Met Tillis USAF Early 1950's The stutter, at age 16, he won a local talent show, and soon joined the USAF, while stationed in Okinawa formed the Westerners Band which played local clubs, sang many C&W songs and member of Grand Ole Opry
Pat Tillman U.S. Army  Ops Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) Gave up NFL career to join Army.  Killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan
Mel Torme US Coast Guard   Jazz Musician; 
Rip Torn U.S. Army Korean War Military Policeman '53-55
Tom Towles USMC Reserves Peacetime Was mortarman; usually cast as bad guy or heavy in both TV and movies,Was Christopher Lambert's cellmate in Fortress.
Spencer Tracy U.S. Navy World War I Too young for USMC but parents approved USN 7 months before war end.
Ted Turner US Coast Guard   Businessman and creator of TBS, TNT and CNN networks;
Peter Ustinov British Army World War II Actor on screen and play including Academy Award for best supporting actor in Spartacus and Topkapi; Was Private in Service and was batman (personal servant to commissioned officer) to David Niven
Rudy Vallee US Coast Guard   Entertainer;
Jack Valenti U.S. Army Air Corp World War II Flew B-25 over Italy on 51 Combat Missions, DFC, Head of Motion Picture Ass. Of Am.
Dick Van Dyke U.S. Army Air Corp World War II Comedian, Actor, Star of Dick Van Dyke Show and others; Enlisted during WWII
Jerry  Van Dyke USAF Early 1950s Enlisted in 1952 with AF Special Services, twice winning All AF Talent Show; Supporting actor on Coach and guest on many others including Mary Tyler Moore
Jesse Ventura U.S. Navy 1969-1973 Served 4 active, 2 reserve.  BUD/S class 58 in December 1970 and was assigned to UDT-12, where he spent 3 years.  In 1973, he joined the Naval Reserves and was assigned to SEAL Team One.  Pro-Wrestler, Governor of MN.
Goran Visnjic      
Tom Waits US Coast Guard   Musician and Actor;
Eli Wallach U.S. Army World War II Sgt served as admin clerk for Medical Corp
Joseph Wapner U.S. Army  World War II Saved from a sniper's bullet when it lodged in a can of tuna he was carrying while an Army officer in the Pacific.  The People's Court star.
Judge Wapner U.S. Army World War II Officer in Pacific Theater
Jack Warden U.S. Navy & Army World War II Served a hitch in both Navy & Army (Was a member of the 101st Airborne.)
Jack  Warner U.S. Army World War I & II Enlisted & produced films in WWI, LTC in WWII making movies
James Webb USMC Vietnam Secretary of Navy and author of Fields of Fire
Jack Webb U.S. Army Air Corp World War II Bomber Pilot/Instructor
William Wellman   World War 1 Lafayette Flying Corp, Credited with 3 kills
James Whitmore U.S. Marine Corp World War II 1Lt fighting in Pacific
Gene Wilder     Medical Corp
Thornton Wilder US Coast Guard   Writer
Montel Williams U.S.M.C & U.S. Navy 1974- late 1980's Desert Warfare Training Center near Palm Springs, CA.  Selected for Naval Academy, became officer in Naval Intelligence and Language.  Talk show host.
Ted Williams U.S.M.C. WWII & Korea Flight Instructor in WWII & flew 39 Combat Missions in Korea.  Five years in Marines. Baseball Hall of Fame Star
Boxcar Willie USAF Korean War Born Lecil Travis Martin in TX and sang in the "hobo" music style; In 1949 joined USAF, became pilot and flight engineer for the B-29 Super Fortress during early 1950's
Roger Willie US Army   Starred in "Windtalker"
Flip Wilson USAF 50-54 Enlisted, started as clerk but became a clown entertainer.
Sloan Wilson US Coast Guard   Writer
Jonathan Winters U.S.M.C. World War II Enlisted and served on ships in Pacific
Norman Wright USAF The 1950's Sang Tenor as Part of singing group Del Vikings created at Pittsburg AFB, they won a singing contest in AF and went on to sing Doo Wop including Come Go with Me and Whispering Bells
Gig Young US Coast Guard   Actor
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.   World War II