Stinkin’ Thinkin’



Dear friends, we've survived Halloween and Thanksgiving is coming on (after the elections). I meet weekly with good people who suffer with addictions and a common thread in their occasional relapsing is that they often rationalize to do so. Thinking we often all rationalize ourselves, I doodled this the other day:


The addict thinks it'll probably be OK
If he just has one more fix today
Thinks the overweight lady on the scales
A pinch more of cake—I shouldn't fail.


Caught red-handed the boy sighed
And denied it by telling little white lies
The husband unfaithful to his spouse
Reasoned he's entitled as she's a louse.


Thinking the store has enough in the till
The employee pilfered its goods at will
Just one more cigarette won't hurt
Followed by many, a predictable quirk.


Just another beer to take the edge off
Because I can stop anytime—I have oft
If I did wrong for the right reason today
The end is justified by any means I say.


Rationalizing excuses for what was done
Justifying behavior with errant reasons spun
Logical and plausible some folks may inure
Delusional stinkin' thinkin' like cow manure.


~by Larry Troxel~