To my Boys


This is to my boys I loved you from

The first,

I loved you in the good times I loved you

In the worst,

My thoughts will always be with you

Wherever you go,

And I hope Iíve taught you all the things

You need to know


As I think back to your childhood as I

Often do,

Itís always with pleasure that I think about

You two,

It was a wonderful time and I loved

Every single day,

And Iíd do it all over again but in

A better way


I pray for your success I pray for everything

You do,

But most of all I pray for peace to come

To you,

For a good nights sleep to prepare you for

The day,

And for a light upon your path to show you

The way


Two important things you should always

Keep in sight,

Priorities and perspective will keep your

Ship upright,

Keep your eyes open wide and keep your

Goal in view,

May heaven open up her doors and rain

Blessings upon you



By: Robert Tallent McDowell

on the 12th of August 1987

To my two sons, with all my love!