Good post-election friends. Now that the dust of discord and discontent is settling, I can't say that I am displeased with the outcome--especially with what we had to work with. Lots of comments have appeared now, assessing the good and bad of it all. I doodled this poem about gloating today--I hope not to be offensive.


Exulted in pleasure of self-satisfaction, we gloat
If tempted, such negativities should stick in our throat
For what good reason does these pronouncements do?
Only to promote "I told you so" as if you always knew.


Oh, you told me so? Then you surely must be right
Your beliefs and ways must give you better insight
For if I disagree with the wisdom you freely share
I'm considered terribly misinformed and unaware.


Since beginning of time were differences of opinions
And it will ever be so amongst muses and minions
That we exercise care to not let it devolve in hatred
Handicapped by unkind words with an ego inflated.


Avoid gloating over another's misfortune or bad luck
Or boasting of a victory while the loser is a schmuck
Be gracious in living and with others try to be fair
Whether an election or a selection, kindly beware.


~by Larry Troxel~