Day’s Eulogy


We can all eulogize our days, I think.


Here I set in a quiet and pleasant peace
As motes of daylight began to cease
The day weakly yields to ebony dusk
Night encroaches on the evening’s cusp.


The day’s eulogy comes now for me
To think and praise all that came to be
Somewhere today evil overcame good
Elsewhere good against evil withstood.


A seed sprouted, a flower bloomed
A thousand brides, a thousand grooms
A child cried while another laughed
A sacrifice made on a friend’s behalf.


A heart warmed by kind words spoken
A beggar sustained by a gracious token
War and death flourished with enmity
Forgiving restored peace and solemnity.


The day's rewards—you win, you lose
Ours the freedom to decide and choose
The boy with his toy soldiers played
To battle a general's army obeyed.


A wound was healed, a life was saved
A prison door opened, a debt was paid
A heavy heart, a tear was shed
Dew drops kissed a flower bed.


A hug was given, a heart glowed
Trusting affection a toddler showed
Most have one, many want two
A game was won, fans were rude.


As I eulogize the day it comforts me
To see it was filled with diversity
May today be remembered, now gone
Tonight we’ll rest to await a new dawn.

~By Larry Troxel~