Birds Of A Feather

It has come in vogue in the public square
To tell lies of convenience here and there
Many are swayed and choose to believe
Not seeing what the liar has up his sleeve.

People suffer this disorder since days of youth
Whatever happened to telling the truth?
Fables told are simply forms of cheating
Consequences of truth they try defeating.

Consider Pinocchio, how his protrusion grows
And truth about the emperor's new clothes?
Penalty for lies told by Sapphira and Ananias
Death befell them both in Godly animas.

ISIS, Obumer said, was Just an Islamic JV put-on
Slick Willy never had relations with that woman
Tricky Dick tried to hide his plumbers' misdeeds
Hillary claims not to know, recall or can't read.

Most liars suffer delusions of grandeur of self
And struggle with authenticity of a moral elf
In some causes, lies morph to truth it seems
As we hear "Hands up--don't shoot" screams.

Is there a time when more have been corrupt?
When a social disorder like this has run amuck?
Does such audacity raise admiration and fame?
Itís a pity they are oblivious to public shame.

Ought a consequence on politicians be exact?
Like suffering penalties of the Stolen Valor Act?
A fitting effect when first a lie is to be uttered
Prevaricators would only stammer and stutter.

~by Larry Troxel~