Was reading this week about a special needs athlete in a heart-warming story that made me think of a poem I wrote a few years back. It is about a lad at GHS who played basketball and was a special needs young man, as told to me by a special friend!


In the mighty Pirate crew there was Chad
A fiercer competitor no team ever had
Showing his love for playing the game
His opponents he quickly overcame
While making all his fans ever so glad.


Pirate Chad is special to coach Dan
Maybe his favorite of the players on hand
Chad has special needs and love
A choice spirit—a gift from above
Teammates and fans all understand.


Chad’s teammate James was his good friend
They’d drill shootin’ baskets again n’ again
Then before the mighty titans game night
They’d suit up in the black, red and white,
Fearsome were these Pirates among men.


Onto the court the basketballers ran
Poised to play for the on-looking fans
The whistle blew and Chad got the ball
Dribbling and stepping, cheers he’d draw
For #35 the refs even stayed their hand.


Rival team members kindly gave quarter
Upon realizing Chad was of special order
Allowing him to run and shoot at will
Into the net Chad’s shot would rill
Two more for the game’s point recorder.


The gymnasium would shudder and shake
Back slaps and high-fives he would take
From teammates and from Coach Dan
The final whistle blew and everyone ran
To Chad, heaped in an emotional outbreak.


In the Monday morning hallways of GHS
Chad the Pirate seemed like a rare guest
“Great game!” and “Way to play!”
His fellow students would always say
Yes, all know Chad was specially blessed.


~by Larry Troxel~