A Principle with a Promise


 I just read a great news article in the News-Review about the shooting tragedy occurring at UCC in Roseburg last year and the many acts and expressions of kindness that followed it. It included a touching account of my great nephew Justin Troxel (boasting a bit!) and his selfless efforts to make and sell commemorative signs for considerable monetary aid to benefit the victims. With that in mind, and the countless other acts of kindness throughout the world every day, I penned this poem:

Why does a happy, fulfilling and pleasant feeling
Quietly come to the soul in comfort and healing
When betimes you unselfishly lend a hand
Or serve another unrequested or unplanned?


Or give of your means and time without pause
To benefit a brother, a sister or a goodly cause
Done without want of fame, praise or gain
But with purity of heart and intent unfeigned.


It's been said, "It is in the giving that we receive"
And, "The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity"
Or "One cannot sincerely try to help another
Without helping themselves," all truisms uttered.


There are immutable truths, principles and laws
The Creator ordained before the world, without flaw
Irrevocably decreed and to man when obedient
Promised blessings come to us ever so expedient.


The feelings of fulfillment is the Law-giver's blessing
Predicated upon principles that may be assessing
All are spiritual or temporal, eternal and everlasting
If compliant, are ours, joyful moments surpassing.


~by Larry Troxel~