To my sweet wife Lala over the years.  She was the inspiration some 35-40 years ago of me thinking of myself as a poet.  Delusional, I know! This one, as others, was written as a song.


O the pleasance of a warm embrace
By my bright and everlasting star
She binds my heart by ribbons of grace
And tints my soul like a brush of Renoir.


Our arms encircle as a golden ring
That ties a moment of sweet renewal
You raise my spirit, I delight and sing
Tis you I cherish, my heaven-sent jewel.


In the morn our daily paths we go
Betimes we’re not always together
The sun falls and the daylight folds
We again become as one betethered.


What could have told me that this love
Would sweeten by the passing of years?
But alas tis so, a gift from realms above
Seals our hearts as eternities near.


~by Larry Troxel~