Gateway to Military Members

Over the past century Glendale has sent a number of young men and women off to the Nation's Services both in time of war and peace.  A number of those individuals never returned and ended up paying the ultimate price for what they were asked to do.  Those individuals are recognized here.  The memorial to the left is located in Glendale Memorial Cemetery and recognizes the sacrifice of those from World War I and World War II.  If  anyone is aware of individuals from Glendale that were lost in the Korean War please let us know.  For additional information of those individuals below that are highlighted click on their name.


World War I

World War II

Korean War

Vietnam and After

Milton J. Harper Fred C. Gaedecke Eldred B. Clark David Melvin Blanchard
Frank Redfield Neil H. Gillons   Charles F. Dehn II
Joe Redfield Wesley J. Hayes   Daniel A. Lechel
Edward J. Thomas Dan Neiderheiser    
William Vaughn