Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)

Daniel A. Leckel 13 Aug 1987 - 25 Jul 2007

Daniel was born August 13, 1987 in Portland, Oregon. In 1999 he moved from Portland to Glendale and graduated from Glendale High School in 2005. While attending high school, he established the Glendale High School sports newspaper, the Pirate Press, as he wanted to be a sports writer. He managed the football and baseball teams for four years and also played football, baseball and basketball. After graduating, he attended Rogue Community College. On January 18, 2006, he joined the United Stated Army. He served with Charlie Company, 1-28th IN, 4th BCT ID, Fort Riley, Kansas. His service awards included the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Over Seas Service Ribbon and the Combat Infantry Badge.

Daniel was a member of the Christian youth group, The Hell Fighters Club, in Glendale.

He enjoyed playing baseball and football as well as all play station sports games. His favorite professional baseball team was the Atlanta Braves and his favorite college team was the Oregon State Beavers.

Survivors include his parents, Cathy & Richard LeCrone of Grants Pass, Oregon; sister, Tiffany Gallego of Glendale, Oregon and grandparents Bernadine & Gerald Shelton of Phoenix, Oregon; and aunts Lori and Violet Shelton.

A funeral was held 4 Aug 2007 in the Glendale High School gymnasium with hundreds in attendance, including the Oregon State Governor.  A celebration of Dan's life was held by friends and family on 11 Aug 2007 in honor of his birthday and in honor of his life.



Charles F. Dehn II 5 Feb 1968 - 31 Oct 1988

Charles F. Dehn II was born and raised in Glendale.  He attended Glendale High School where he was an athlete and graduated in 1986.  Charles joined the United States Marine Corps and after boot camp was selected to be a crew chief on helicopters.  He had been promoted to Corporal, was a crew chief on a CH-46 helicopter and was taking part in a military exercise in Okinawa, Japan on 31 Oct 1988. During one portion of the maneuver things became very tense with several helicopters flying in close proximity to one another.  One of the pilots lost track of another helicopter and they subsequently collided.  Corporal Dehn's helicopter was disabled by the collision and crashed, taking his life.


Vietnam War

David Melvin Blanchard 12 Jan 1950 -- 18 May 1968

U.S. Marine Private First Class (PFC) David Melvin Blanchard, Serial Number 2352617 from Glendale, OR was born Thursday, January 12th 1950. He joined the United States Marine Corps soon after he turned 17. The Military Occupational Specialty which he was assigned upon his successful completion of Marine boot camp was rifleman. He arrived in South Vietnam on the 21st of February 1968 and began a tour of duty with Mike Company, 3rd Battalion, 27th Marines which were part of the 1st Marine Division. The area of operation for David and his unit was Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province which was the area about 15 miles south of  Da Nang in the northern part of South Vietnam. On 18 May 1968, less than three months after arriving in Country and only four months after he turned 18, David was part of Operation Allen Brook.  Initially he was part of a helicopter assault on Go Noi Island (an area surrounded by rivers and marsh).  The battle with the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) in this area had raged for over a week taking the lives of 36 young Marines.  As part of Mike Company, David was part of the reinforcements which arrived on the 18th and he immediately went into battle against the NVA. The weather was so hot (120 degrees before the day was over) that many of the Marines had thrown away their flack vests.   The enemy was well dug in and every foot of terrain was gained only with blood and guts. By darkness another 15 Marines had been killed, including young David Melvin Blanchard.  His death was listed as the result of hostile action from "Other explosive device (Ground casualty)". While USMC records do not describe the exact circumstances surrounding his death, this would be the listing for someone killed by a bomb booby trap most likely set by the NVA.  There is a complete description (including maps) of Operation Allen Brook for those interested in learning more. David is memorialized on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. on Panel 62E – Row 015.

David’s name, along with over 58,000 other names from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall and 400,000 other people, was engraved on a microchip that was placed aboard the National Aeronautical Space Administration (NASA) Stardust spacecraft which was launched in February 1999 for a round-trip to Comet Wild-2 (pronounced "Vilt-2". Scientists have long sought a direct sample of a comet particle because these icy bodies are thought to be nearly pristine examples of the original material from which the Sun and planets were born 4.6 billion years ago. Stardust's mission is to travel to within 150 kilometers (100 miles) of the nucleus of the Comet, gather dust particles and deliver them back to Earth. En route to the comet, Stardust will attempt to capture interstellar particles that are believed to be blowing through the solar system. The names are electronically etched onto a fingernail-size silicon chip at Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Microdevices Lab. Writing on the microchip is so small that about 80 letters would equal the width of a human hair. Once inscribed, the names can be read only with the aid of an electron microscope.



Korean War (KIA)

Sergeant First Class

Eldred B. Clark 12 Jun 1912 – 10 Jul 1950

Individuals From Glendale Killed 

During World War II

Fred C. Gaedecke  - 4 Jun 1924 - 30 Nov 1942, Seaman 1st Class, US Navy, 6540177, - Killed USS New Orleans, Interred National Memorial Cemetery of The Pacific (Punch Bowl) National Military Cemetery, Honolulu, HI 10 Jan 1949.

Neil Hall Gillon,  22 Jul 1900 -13 Mar 1943, Private US Army Battery B11, Field Artillery, Battery A, 57th Air Artillery Battalion.

Wesley J. Hayes, Jr., 1921 - 25 May 1942, Sergeant Army Air Corps (USAF), 13th Bomb Squadron, 3rd Bomber Group  Lost over New Guinea.  Awarded Purple Heart, Air Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross.

Dan Neiderheiser  1925 - 24 Dec 1944, PFC, US Army, 39471323 Enlisted Fort Lewis, WA, 26 Feb 1944 Lost on SS Leopoldville in English Channel

Arthur Herman Nerbas 29 May 1918 - 2 Oct 1944, 1st Lieutenant, US Army Volunteered 19 Jan 1942, Serving as a medical officer with 16th Medical Battalion, 91st Infantry Division in Italy when killed.  Remains interred in US Military Cemetery, Florence, Italy.

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Individuals from Glendale Killed 

During World War I

Milton James Harper, 18 Jun 1890 - 3 Oct 1918, Private U.S. Marine Corps, 96th Company, 6th USMC Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division.  Enlisted USMC 28 Jan 1918.  Killed In Action (KIA) Europe during Argonne Forest Battle

Frank Homer Redfield, 17 Jun 1889 - 15 Oct 1918,  Private, US Army, 305th Infantry, 77th Division.  Killed In Action (KIA) in France.

Joe Ira Redfield , 21 Feb 1889 - 5 Feb 1918. Private U.S. Army, 20th Engineers, 6th Battalion, Company D (16th Co.), Buried Mull of Oa, Islay 8 Feb, 1918, Body exhumed and relocated to America, 1920.  Final resting place:  Arlington National Cemetery, Section WH EU Site 922, Date of Interment 5 Nov 1920.

Edward J. Thomas US Army, 23 Feb 1895 - 1 Mar 1918 Died of shock from gun shot at Ft Huachuca, AZ

William Vaughn Born 15 Feb 1892 - 6 Oct 1918, Private First Class, US Army, Company I, 305th Infantry, 77th Infantry Division.  Born in Wolf Creek, OR, Killed In Action (KIA) in Europe in Argonne Forest battle.  Buried in Meuse-Argonne Cemetery, France.

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