History of the
Glendale Memorial Cemetery

On a hill above the town lies the Glendale Memorial Cemetery, a private burial ground that was owned for many years by the Masonic organization and is now owned and managed by a group of long-time residents in the name of the Glendale Memorial Cemetery Association or GMCA. 

The cemetery contains over 1000 graves.  It consists of three parts, called “additions”, the oldest of which is called the Original Addition where the oldest known graves are those of three children who died in 1883.  This area of less than one acre was deeded to the Masonic Azalea Lodge #119 (written as Azalia in the old days) for the sum of one dollar, by the heirs of the town’s founder, Soloman Abraham: sons Maurice and Albert and daughter Mollie Abraham Mack.  Date of the transaction is 6 Feb 1903, long after the property began being used as a burial ground.  Masonic records indicate they, as a group, began caring for the cemetery in 1899.

The original addition contains many pioneer graves and at least two Civil War veterans.  It is also the area of the sketchiest records and now closed to further burials.  Old maps show areas for a “pesthouse” and “pottersfield and there are at least 15 grave indentations with no markers or records.

Between the present front gate and the first blocks of grave sites lies what’s known as the “Matthews Addition”.  Although now part of the Original Addition, it was an area of great controversy in 1937 for the Matthews family when they learned they could not bury George H. Matthews in the Masonic Cemetery.  There are several different stories as to the cause of the argument but the Matthews family bought a small area of land adjoining and buried George H. Matthews right next to the line fence!  As the years passed, so did the feud and the Matthews - and the L-shaped piece of land was donated to the cemetery.

The First Addition contains many graves of those who died in the 1900's through 1940's and has numerous empty spots yet.  This addition, consisting of 1-3/10 acres, was deeded to the Mason Lodge 10 Jun 1921, for the sum of $10, by the Glendale Realty Company, based in Portland.  The President was J. G. Mack (husband of Mollie Abraham Mack) and secretary was Maurice Abraham.

The last - and largest addition, containing 4-plus acres - and known as the Second Addition - was sold to the Masons by Albert and Leona Abraham for $200 on 18 Oct 1927.  While this portion has a small amount of flat area most  is hillside and is planned for future development.

Total amount of acreage for the cemetery is approximately 6 ½ acres.  It is non-profit and cared for exclusively by volunteers.  Necessary equipment and supplies and plaques to identify unmarked graves are purchased solely from donations.