Regina Lynn Snelling

31 Aug 1960 - 14 Nov 1977 

Regina, or Gina, was the daughter of Jack and Betty (Reasoner) Snelling.  She was a member of the class of 1978.  She was a good, fun loving, person that her classmates remember with fondness and love. She could always be counted on to make you laugh, sometimes during class and then her classmates would get in trouble too.  Kathy (Clark) Manery remembers slumber parties where they'd have sťances and Gina would be straight across the candle from her. Everyone would be so serious and then Gina would start to giggle under her breath and then Kathy would see her, which would get her going and pretty soon they couldn't contain the laughter any longer. Others would try to quite those two down with a "Shsss" but it couldn't be stopped.  Finally they'd make the two of them leave the room.  Which would have been all right, but it was Kathy's slumber party! 

Gina played on the girl's volleyball team and she was also a cheerleader for the football and basketball team.  On the way home from away games Gina could get people laughing and keep them going.  I didn't matter how good or bad things were she could always find the best in any situation and bring a smile to people faces. 

Gina found many ways to make people laugh in school too.  Sometimes she'd sing off key in chorus on purpose so they'd have to stop and figure out what was wrong. 

Kathy clearly remembers Gina as a friend--a best friend that she missed terribly when she was gone.  When she was taken from them at just 16 all her classmates missed her and could feel her happy spirit with them in all of their school activities until graduation. 

She will always be missed and will live on in our hearts forever.

Kathy Clark Manery


The music is "You Light Up My Life" originally sung by Debbie Boone