John David "J.J." Jacob 7 Mar 1962 - 21 Dec 2006

Susan (Webb) Martin says about JJ:

I remember JJ as the handsome upperclassman who seemed to have life wrapped around his finger.  He came by our house every once in awhile because he was one of my brotherís friends.  JJ laughed easily and when he smiled, his entire face smiled. You know what I mean; his mouth widened, his teeth showed, his cheeks glowed and his eyes squinted, just like the Cheshire cat!  He was always game for having fun and there was an ever-present rebellious streak in him too.

 I remember my girlfriends all wanted to come over to my house when they heard JJ was going to be there.  He was athletic, handsome, smart, fun, edgy and magnetic.  The girls all swooned when he walked by, distracting them from whatever we were doing at the moment.  I would just roll my eyes and wait because it happened all the time. I didnít hold it against him though because he couldnít help it.  Girls were just ga-ga over him.  To me he was just one of the goofy boys that hung out with my brother.   

 I seem to remember JJ was often in the middle of whatever activity was going on at Glendale High School, especially dress up day!  We could always count on him to come up with something just over the top.   Knowing JJ was a little bit like knowing a movie star.  He was larger than life and loved even by those who didnít know him very well.

 Weíll miss you JJ.


The Music is The River by Garth Brooks