Lori Jones 7 Jul 1964 - 28 Dec 1987

Susan (Webb) Martin says:

I remember Lori as the soft spoken class genius.  She had such a precious heart and I always liked her very much.  When I think back to high school, I can see Lori sitting in class, usually on the outer row near the front.  She was so NOT intimidated by difficult school work and she always had her homework done on time.  She smiled easily at everyone, even the boys clowning around in the back of the room.  I donít think Lori ever got in trouble!

 Years later after high school, I saw Lori at a mall (in Eugene, OR I think).  She was far enough away that I couldnít shout but close enough that I recognized her right away.  She was stunning! Itís no surprise to any of us who knew her because she was always a lovely person.  I wish now that I had taken the time to say hi to her in that mall.