Gerald 'Jerry' DeWayne Peck 2 Dec 1963 - 27 June 2002

Susan (Webb) Martin says about Jerry:

Jerry was my classmate and like most of the kids at Glendale, we all grew up together.  He was a rambunctious boy who ran amuck in the gym and sometimes tormented teachers in the classroom, but it seems that was normal at Glendale High.  Jerry was a friend of mine too and I remember going to one of my first dances and he was there.  I think we might have danced and he was a bit of a gentleman then.  I remember Jerry being full of energy and wanted to be a part of everything.  When asked he was right there to help. We lost touch after school, but  I have no doubt that God has got an eye on him in Heaven!



The music is I'm Yours by Jason Mraz