Virginia 'Ginny' Maxine Cooper Jones (19 Jul 1927 - 22 Aug 1998)

Robert 'Bob' Marion Jones (1913 - 9 Apr 1965)



Robert Marion ‘Bob’ Jones was one of three children, with a sister one year older named Lillian and a brother six years younger named Paul, born to Vera and Robert Jones of San Francisco, CA.  Bob was born in 1913 and after schooling he found himself serving on the Mexican border as a member of the U.S. Border patrol.  By 1920 Bob’s parents were living in Sacramento where his father was the editor of the city newspaper.  It’s not certain whether Bob learned fluent Spanish there with the large Hispanic population of Central California or after joining the Border Patrol.  While fairly young, Bob married and they had a son named Neil.  After his job with the Border patrol they moved to Glendale where he opened a record shop that sold records, players and radios. 


Bob In His Border Patrol Uniform

Bob's Radio Shop in Glendale during the Early Spring of 1948

Virginia Maxine Cooper, or Ginny as she was called, was born on 19 Jul 1927 in Tennessee to Granville Clayburn ‘Clabe’ Cooper and Vinah Cooper.  The family (Ginny had five sisters and four brothers) moved West from Tennessee to Glendale in the late 1930’s.  It was in Glendale in the late 1940’s the Ginny met Bob.  In the late 1940’s Bob and Ginny fell in love and in 1949 decided to go to Reno, NV and get married.  Ginny brought one little girl to the marriage named, Patricia who was born in 1944 and they had another daughter in 1953 named Pamela who was born at the offices of Doctor Ferguson in Glendale.  Bob adopted Patricia and loved both of his daughters equally all of his life.

Patricia, or Patti as she became known as she grew up, married Lanny Bostwick and had two loving boys names Dennis and Eddie and then married a minister named Charles Pearson.  They in-turn married and provide Patti with two grandchildren, a boy and girl, named Kellin and Kailey.  Patti’s sister, Pam, also married a minister whose name is Tom Kindell.  



Patti & Charles At their Wedding


Kailey In Her Basketball Letter Jacket

One of Patti's Two Sons, Eddie Bostwick, With His Family

Pam and her Husband, Tom

Patti's Son, Dennis

Kellin and His Wife

Soon after Bob moved to Glendale his Mother, Vera, remarried a fellow named Walter Kemp and they moved to Glendale also.  Vera and Bob then purchased the Glendale Telephone Company.  Mother Vera handled the business portion and Bob served as the lineman and installer and both during the week and on the weekends could be found digging holes for telephone poles and stringing wire.  They were there when the exchange numbers first began with “Vernon” and were responsible for the installation of the switching equipment in the cinder block building behind the old Glenway Market.

Bob Leaning Against His Jeep Pickup


A carry over from Bob’s time with the record store was his interest in amateur, or Ham, radio operations.  He built a ‘ham shack’ upstairs in their home in Glendale and spent many hours communicating all over the world as well as offering help to any other youngsters around Glendale that showed an interest.

Eventually Vera and Bob sold the Glendale Telephone Company and Bob and Ginny moved near Medford in the early 1960s until he passed away on 9 Apr 1965.  Vera passed in 1975 and is interred in the mausoleum in the Glendale Memorial Cemetery along with her husband, Walter, who passed in 1962.  Clabe and Vinah Cooper lived their lives in Glendale, never returning to Tennessee.  Patti spent a lot of time with them when she was growing up and recalls that both were very religious.  Clabe read his bible every day which is interesting because he had to teach himself to read and write after never having the opportunity to go past the third grade.  Vinah never learned how to read, but she could site many verses from the bible, just from memory.  Ginny lived in Southern Oregon until she passed on 22 Aug 1998.  She lived to see, and enjoy the love of, her children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.  

One Of The Rare Photos of Ginny Taken In A Home Near Medford

 A couple of years ago Lee Dixon was researching a current list of Ham radio call letters and the name with whom it’s associated.  While looking up the only Ham radio call letters that he knew, W7LWW and it showed up with the name Bob Jones.  How could this be when he’d passed nearly 40 years before?  The mystery was recently solved when it was learned that Bob’s son, Neil, had taken his Dad’s call letters and continued the legacy.  A fitting tribute to a fine man, father and husband.  

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