Each and every year I can still see your smiling face, feel your arms hugging me, and the tears stroll down your face.  I  loved you no matter how sad inside you were but you did not or could not understand and I wish 1000 times that I could of took away your pain and breathed life back into your lost soul once again.  It is the holidays now and I miss you and hope your happy once again and I hope God opened the door and forgave you and let you in.  I Love You Mom your forever and always with me, my hero, my friend and I know someday in heaven we will be together again. You keep shining bright for you are the beautifulest angel of all tonight is your night and heavens the ball, dance my precious angel dance to the trumpets on the floors of gold where time never ends and theirs no more sadness to hold. I Love You.

Written by a daughter in memory of her mom and known only to her.

Music is that favorite of so many years, "Stardust Serenade"